Rosin Rocks

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super sticky weightlifting rosin rocks

Rosin rocks - one pound 

If you already have your own rosin box, then all you'll need is our one pound bag of rosin rocks! 

Please note that the rosin rocks are slightly larger in diameter than the rosin pebbles.  For best results, we suggest combining one pound of each in your step-in rosin box.

The closest thing to non slip shoes for weightlifting

Rosin is a hardened tree sap that is generally used to make friction between slippery surfaces.  In the weightlifting world, rosin is used in a powdered or crystalline form (kind of like rock salt) and applied to the soles of the athletes shoes.  Dancers, climbers, bull riders, golfers, gymnasts, tennis pro and numerous other athletes, like weightlifters, apply rosin dust to their shoes (and sometimes their hands as well) to keep from slipping.

  • Safe, non-allergenic
  • Improves traction
  • Perfect space saving grip enhancer

So, if you’re an athlete who desires to improve their game with enhanced grip, Good Grip Rosin Rocks are here to serve!

Never slip on the platform again!