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super sticky rosin powder

The closest thing to non slip shoes for weightlifting.

Rosin is a hardened tree sap that is generally used to make friction between slippery surfaces.  In the weightlifting world, rosin is used in a powdered or crystalline form (kind of like rock salt) and applied to the soles of the athletes shoes.  Dancers, climbers, bull riders, golfers, gymnasts, tennis pro and numerous other athletes, like weightlifters, apply rosin dust to their shoes (and sometimes their hands as well) to keep from slipping

Just shake a bit of Good Grip’s rosin powder on the soles of your shoes (or your hands) and … like magic … you’ll stick to anything (and everything) that moves!

  • Simply twist the top and shake
  • 2 oz. pocket size will easily fit in your gym bag
  • Safe, non-allergenic
  • Improves traction
  • Perfect on-the-go grip enhancer
  • Long lasting
  • Easy open and close twist top

The Good Grip shaker bottler is the ideal on-the-go solution for a sweaty grip or slippery shoes in activities like weightlifting, crossfit, gymnastics, rock climbing, baseball, football, boxing, tennis and golf.  

Application is quick and simple, just apply the powder to your hands or the soles of your shoes. Our proprietary rosin based formula goes on smooth to coat your hands providing a supreme grip without the need for pore-blocking antiperspirant ingredients.

Our rosin powder is also perfect for use in warmer climates where moisture from the body can become a performance issue. The bottle is pocket sized and can conveniently be kept close by at all times for use when necessary.

What is rosin poweder?

Rosin (which is also called resin, colophony or Greek pitch) is a sold form of resin obtained from pine trees.  The rosin is produced by heating the pine tree sap to the point of vaporization.

Never slip on the platform again!